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“We are very happy to support and organise face-to-face ENMC workshops to facilitate the communication and collaboration between clinicians, researchers and patient representatives in the NMD field”

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Most neuromuscular disorders are rare (orphan) diseases, meaning that fewer than 1 in 2000 people are affected. They all cause a weakening of muscles, which could lead to tremendous disability. Because of this, international collaboration is extremely important to accelerate our knowledge and discovery of new medicines in the field of neuromuscular diseases.

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ENMC reviews workshop applications bi-annually in March and September.

Next submission deadline: 1 September 2024. Apply here

NEW: Call for Themed Workshops

In addition to the regular ENMC workshop applications, where topics of the workshops originate from the workshop organisers, ENMC is launching a call for themed workshop applications. This programme prepares the stepping stones for the future by listening to the needs of the neuromuscular field. The two chosen themes are:

1. Challenges of complex drugs and therapies in neuromuscular disorders

2. Artificial intelligence (AI) and/or data sharing in neuromuscular disorders

The submission deadline is: 1 March 2025. Apply here

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ENMC Mission Statement

“The mission of ENMC is to encourage and facilitate communication and collaboration in the field of neuromuscular research with the aim of improving diagnosis and prognosis, finding effective treatments and optimising standards of care to improve the quality of life of people affected by neuromuscular disorders.”