Since more than 30 years, ENMC has organised more than 274 workshops, where topics of the workshops originate from the applying organisers. In addition to these regular ENMC workshop applications, the ENMC is proud to announce the new concept of “Themed Workshops”. For this type of workshops, the ENMC will identify special themes every year, which are prioritised by the needs of the neuromuscular patient and research community (for more information go to: Themed workshops).

Regular ENMC Workshops

ENMC has a unique concept of facilitating and organising workshops initiated by experts in the field of neuromuscular conditions. Workshop proposals can be submitted to ENMC twice a year and the ENMC Research Committee judges these workshop applications on scientific quality, timing, relevance and list of participants. The ENMC Executive Committee decides which applications can be developed towards and executed as an ENMC workshop. Every month a selected group of 20 – 25 researchers, clinicians, patients and industry representatives come together in a meeting venue in the Netherlands to exchange state-of-the-art knowledge of, and experiences with a specific rare neuromuscular condition or a special topic relevant for multiple neuromuscular conditions. Output of the workshops are deliverables that, depending on the workshop topic, often focus on:

  • networking and collaboration in basic and applied research
  • defining trial readiness and outcome measures
  • reaching consensus about guidelines for diagnosis, therapy and care

The results of the workshops are published as:

  • a full report in the journal “Neuromuscular Disorders” to disseminate workshop outcomes to other researchers and clinicians working in the field
  • a lay report on the ENMC website to inform patients and their families about what has been achieved at the workshop

We always take a picture of the workshop participants, see below for some examples!