Upcoming workshops


Clinical trial readiness in nemaline myopathy caused by mutations in the nebulin and actin (ACTA1) genes (nr. 250)
Organisers: Prof. L. Servais (Belgium), Prof. C. Wallgren-Pettersson (Finland) and Prof. C. Bönnemann (USA)
6 – 8 September 2019

Muscle Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Implementing muscle MRI as a diagnostic tool for rare genetic myopathy cohorts MRI (nr. 247)
Organisers: Prof. V. Straub (UK), Prof. J. Díaz Manera (Spain), Dr G. Tasca (Italy) and Dr J. Warman Chardon (Canada)
20 – 22 September 2019

Myotonic dystrophies: molecular approaches for clinical purposes Framing a European molecular research network (nr. 248)
Organisers: Dr R. Wansink (The Netherlands), Dr G. Gourdon (France), Prof. B. van Engelen (The Netherlands) and Prof. B. Schoser (Germany)
11 – 13 October 2019

The role of brain dystrophin in muscular dystrophy: Implications for clinical care and translational research (nr. 249)
Organisers: Dr H. Kan (The Netherlands), Prof. M. Muntoni (UK), Prof. M. Thangarajh (USA), Dr. J. Hendriksen (The Netherlands)
29 November – 1 December 2019

Polyglocusan storage myopathies (nr. 251)
Organisers: Prof. A. Oldfors (Sweden), Prof. P. Laforêt (France), Dr E. Malfatti (Italy) and Prof. J. Vissing (Denmark)
13 – 15 December 2019


Developing best practice guidelines for management of mouthpiece ventilation in neuromuscular disorders
Organisers: Dr M. Toussaint (Belgium), Dr M. Chatwin (UK), Prof. J. Gonzales (France) and Prof. M. Gonclaves (Portugal)

Skeletal muscle laminopathies – natural history and clinical trial readiness
Organisers: Dr G. Bonne (France), Dr L. Maggi (Italy), Prof. S. Quijano-Roy (France), Prof. C. Bonnemann (USA)

Genetic epidemiology and clinical trial readiness in Encephalomyopathy of Leigh Syndrome
Organisers: Prof. E. Bertini (Italy), Prof. S. Rahman (UK), Dr M. Schiff (France), Dr B. Cohen (USA)

Anaesthetic management in neuromuscular disorders
Organisers: Prof. H. Jungbluth (UK), Dr N. Voermans (NL), Dr M. Snoeck (NL)