14 - 16 September 2018
workshop nr. 237
GNE myopathy (also known as HIBM, Nonaka disease, and quadriceps sparing myopathy) (GNEM). Organisers: Prof Hanns Lochmüller, Dr. Andoni Urtizberea, Prof Zohar Argov and Prof Ichizo Nishino


30 November - 2 December 2018
workshop nr. 238
Updating management recommendations of cardiac dystrophinopathy (CARDIAC).
Organisers: Dr. John Bourke, Prof Denis Duboc, Dr. Michela Guglieri and Dr. Teresinha Evangelista


14 - 16 December 2018
workshop nr. 239
Clinicopathological Classification of Dermatomyositis.  Organisers: Dr Y. Allenbach (France), Prof. O. Benveniste (France), Dr A. Mammen (USA), Prof. W. Stenzel (Germany) 


25 - 27 January 2019
Workshop nr. 240
The involvement of skeletal muscle stem cells in the pathology of muscular dystrophies.
 Organisers: DrJ. Morgan (UK), Prof. K. Petal (UK), Prof F. Muntoni (UK), and Dr. G. Butler-Browne


15 - 17 February 2019
workshop nr. 241
Second ENMC meeting on SBMA: Towards a European Unifying lab for Kennedy’s Disease. Organisers: Dr M. Pennuto (Italy), Dr G. Soraru (Italy), Dr L. Greensmith (UK), Dr P.F. Pradat (France) 


1 - 3 March 2019
workshop nr. 242
Diagnosis and Management of Juvenile Myasthenia Gravis.
Organisers: Dr J. Palace (UK), Dr E. Niks (NL), Dr. S. Robb (UK), and Dr. P. Munot (UK)


22 - 24  March 2019
workshop nr. 243
Developing guidelines for management of reproductive options for families with maternally inherited mtDNA disease.
Organisers: Prof J. Poulton (UK), Prof J. Steffann (France), Dr. J. Burgstaller (Austria), Prof B. McFarland (UK)


24 - 26 May 2019
workshop nr. 243
Protein Aggregate Myopathies.
Organisers: Dr. M. Olivé (Spain) and Dr. R. Schröder (Germany)











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