In the application form, you as a mentee candidate need to identify 2-3 mentors who may each help you achieving your different goals of the mentorship. For an overview of ENMC mentors click here: ENMC List of Mentors

Each mentor has indicated a unique set of skills and talents to share with the mentees. For more information on these mentors and their mentoring skills helping you to identify which mentors may fit best, you may contact the ENMC at After the mentee selection process, the ENMC will match you with a maximum of two mentors. We will do this as much as possible aligned with your preferences, taking into account your desired mentoring goals, possible conflict of interest and availability of the mentors. It may be possible that you will get 2 mentors which you didn’t indicate in your application but of which we think they can help you well to achieve your goals for the mentorship.