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In the last decade, the number of clinical trials for neuromuscular disorders has steadily increased. For some diseases, the first treatments are expected to be made available to patients in the next few years. However, there is still much to do:

  • The existing technologies require optimisation
  • Clinical trial readiness needs further improvement
  • International consensus on the best practice care guidelines needs to be reached and implemented for all rare neuromuscular conditions.

This is also reflected in the increased number of applications submitted to ENMC. In 2015, we started the initiative of the ENMC Company Forum, which members are pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies with neuromuscular disorders as one of their areas of interest. The support of the Company Forum helps us respond to the increasing demand for ENMC workshops and thereby facilitates collaboration between key opinion leaders working in the field of neuromuscular disease worldwide.

What does a membership entail?

As a member of the ENMC Company Forum, your company co-sponsors all ENMC workshops. Members of this forum will be associated with the mission and the values of the ENMC. The ENMC Company Forum adheres to the international guidelines regarding inducements and sponsorship.

Click here for more information about the Code of Conduct and the Benefits of Membership.

If you have any questions regarding the Company Forum and/or your organisation wishes to consider membership of the ENMC Company Forum, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or +31-35-5480482.

Current members of the ENMC Company Forum

The ENMC kindly acknowledges the generous support of the following Company Forum members: