Guidelines Young Scientists Program

Eligibility criteria

  • Researcher (PhD)/clinician (MD)/health care professional working in the field of neuromuscular disorders
  • younger than 35

Application procedure

  • Provide a CV and a one-page document with the following information:
    • why is the topic of the workshop of relevance for your current and future research and/or practice?
    • have you collaborated with one of the organizers on what your role will be at the workshop and/or are you planning to do so?
    • Applications should be sent to the ENMC office at least 2 months prior to the workshop date.
    • The ENMC Research Director, in consultation with the workshop organizer and the Managing Director, will decide on the applications to be selected.
    • Applicants will be informed by the ENMC office on their application 1 month prior to the workshop date.
    • For each ENMC workshop, there will be one place available for a participant from this Young Scientist Program.
    • The ENMC may allow, in consultation with the workshop organizer, two participants from this program to attend the same workshop if there was no participant from the Young Scientist Program in the preceding workshop.
    • The role of the young researcher before, during and after the workshop, will be discussed with the organiser.

Rules & Conditions

  • The participants will sign a confidentiality statement at start of meeting.
  • Participants are not allowed to disseminate any information that was shared during the workshop, except for public domain information.
  • The maximum reimbursement for travel expenses in this program is € 300.
  • Participation at the workshop is included in the Young Scientist Program (registration, hotel, meal, local transport to workshop venue).
  • Participants will receive a certificate of attendance for the workshop and will be included in the ENMC mailing list and LinkedIn group.
  • Participants will be asked to collaborate with the organiser(s) on the preparation of the workshop, have a presentation and/or may help in writing the lay and full report (publication) of the workshop attended.

Young scientists are encouraged to apply on their own initiative but may also be recommended by a participating research group or institute.