Interview with the first winner of a Young Scientist Award


Workshop 207 : Respiratory insufficiency in Myotonic Dystrophy.

Who is Benjamin Gallais?

Benjamin is a clinical psychologist (PhD) working at the University de Sherbrooke and at the Clinique des maladies neuromusculaires in Quebec, Canada


Interview snapshots 

”The ENMC application for a young scientist award is very clear and meaningful: the relevance for my future research and creating new collaborations, make yourself recognised is actually the point I wanted to reach at the workshop as a young scientist”.


“The thing I could bring to the group was that I was the only psychologist in the group”. “More subjective point of view on all medical topics being discussed, besides the input from the patients that were participating.”


“During my presentation, I tried to make a big literature review actually on the subjective impact on the respiratory involvement and shared my PhD research on different segmentation of fatigue and sleepiness symptoms”.


“But also getting knowledge from ENMC publications from the past for example, the ENMC workshop on pain and fatigue, was very valuable for me, I could find the publication and it helped me do my research”.


“I really appreciate that ENMC gives the opportunity to young people in the research field, to get the privilege to be with all these participants and share my research without they even know me. I thank ENMC and the Company Forum for giving me this opportunity!”