Upcoming workshops

Please note that workshops are on invitational basis only. If you would like to attend an international ENMC workshop please mail the ENMC office at enmc@enmc.org with your motivational letter and a short CV. If a workshop has not yet reached its maximum number of participants, your request may be forwarded to the workshop organisers for consideration. This does not provide a guaranteed invitation to the workshop, but may lead to inclusion on a reserve list.


Polyglucosan storage myopathies (nr. 251)
Organisers: Prof. A. Oldfors (Sweden), Prof. P. Laforêt (France), Dr E. Malfatti (Italy) and Prof. J. Vissing (Denmark)
13 – 15 December 2019

program 251


Developing best practice guidelines for management of mouthpiece ventilation in neuromuscular disorders (nr 252)
Organisers: Dr M. Toussaint (Belgium), Dr M. Chatwin (UK), Prof. J. Gonzales (France) and Prof. M. Gonclaves (Portugal)
6-8 March 2020

Skeletal muscle laminopathies – natural history and clinical trial readiness (nr. 253)
Organisers: Dr G. Bonne (France), Dr L. Maggi (Italy), Prof. S. Quijano-Roy (France), Prof. C. Bonnemann (USA)
20-22 March 2020

Genetic epidemiology and clinical trial readiness in Encephalomyopathy of Leigh Syndrome
Organisers: Prof. E. Bertini (Italy), Prof. S. Rahman (UK), Dr M. Schiff (France), Dr B. Cohen (USA)
5-7 June 2020 (optional date)

Anaesthetic management in neuromuscular disorders
Organisers: Prof. H. Jungbluth (UK), Dr N. Voermans (NL), Dr M. Snoeck (NL)
Autumn 2020 (optional date)