Upcoming ENMC workshops – Q1 2024

We are proud to announce this year’s first confirmed workshops:

Workshop # 274          19-21 January 2024

ENMC recommendations for optimizing bone strength in neuromuscular disorders. Organisers:  Prof. L. Ward (Canada), Dr A. Moretti (Italy), Dr D. Weber (USA), Prof N. Voermans (NL)


Workshop # 275          9-11 February 2024

Seronegative Myasthenia Gravis (MG): an update paradigm for diagnosis and management. Organisers: Dr A. Evoli (Italy), Dr L. Maggi (Italy), Dr J. Palace (UK), Prof. J. Verschuuren (NL)


Workshop # 276          15-17 March 2024

ENMC recommendations on optimal diagnostic pathway and management strategy for patients with rhabdomyolysis worldwide. Organisers: Prof. P. Laforêt (France), Prof. J. Vissing (Denmark), Prof. N. Voermans (NL), Dr S. Bhai (USA)