Newest lay reports

The ENMC attaches great value to informing the community of the progress and results achieved at each ENMC workshop. Therefore, both a lay report and a scientific full paper will be written by the organisers of the workshop, in collaboration with all workshop participants. Patients and patient representatives play an important role in ensuring lay language is used and disseminating the lay reports within the public domain.

We are proud to share two brand new lay reports from ENMC’s 268th and 269th workshop. You can read them by clicking the title below!

Lay report: 268th ENMC workshop (September 30th – October 2nd 2022)
Genetic diagnosis, clinical classification, outcome measures, and biomarkers in
Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD): relevance for clinical trials.

Lay report: 269th ENMC International Workshop (December 9th – December 11th 2022)                                             Clinical trials in DMD: Ten years on, what have we learned? How can we optimize future trial design?