Number 113
Date 14 December 2002

In total 19 participants from 8 countries participated in this Workshop. The EUMITOCOMBAT consortium was established in May 2002 following the call for Expressions of Interest of the 6th EU Framework Programme and consists of scientific group leaders from eight different European Countries, including colleagues from the Czech Republic. The final aim of the consortium is to develop rational treatment strategies combating mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation disorders. As such, the consortium prepared during the meeting the scientific outline of the full EU application, covering topics ranging from clinical aspects of OXPHOS-disorders to structural and functional aspects of the various individual OXPHOS components. In collaboration with Dr. Henriette van Eijl of the Dutch National Contact Point "Senter-EG liason", all organisational aspects, as requested by the EU, were discussed in detail. The signed minutes of the meeting will serve as a constitution for the consortium, establishing its goals, management structure and operational procedures.

Prof. Dr. J. Smeitink (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)