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New updates World Muscle Society (WMS) guidelines on Covid-19 and vaccines

The WMS has provided advice for people with neuromuscular disorders, and their healthcare providers since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here you can read the most recently updated version of the document (version 23 April 2022) on how to act upon a Covid-19 infection. WMS COVID-19 advice (updated 23-04-22) Also the WMS consortium reviewed and […]

NEW: Themed workshop applications!

In addition to the regular ENMC workshop applications (next deadline is 1 September 2021!) where topics of the workshops originate from the workshop organisers, the ENMC is proud to announce the new concept of “Themed Workshops”. For this type of workshops, the ENMC will identify special themes which are prioritised by the needs of the […]

ENMC travel preferences to contribute to reductions in CO2 emissions

ENMC’s contribution to reduce CO2 emissions ENMC brings on average 250-300 persons per year from all over the world to The Netherlands. This number mostly comprises participants of ENMC workshops; e.g. in 2019 we hosted 250 workshop participants at our hotel venue in Hoofddorp. But also members of the Research and Executive Committee fly in […]

Covid-19 and people with neuromuscular disorders

28 March 2020 The World Muscle Society Position and Advice for managing COVID-19 in people affected by neuromuscular conditions Dr. Maxwell Damian together with more than 80 specialists in the field collated the WMS Covid-19 advice for neuromuscular patients, carers, general neurologists and non-specialist medical providers. This advice is also intended to inform neuromuscular specialists […]

Publication on the impact of 25 years ENMC workshops

Proud at our publication in Neuromuscular Disorders on “The impact of European Neuromuscular Centre (ENMC) workshops on the neuromuscular field; 25 years on …” by Alexandra Breukel et al. Results from a bibliometric and quantitative analysis on workshop deliverables are shown in this publication.

New ENMC Research Director !

Welcome to our new Research Director Dr Ana Ferreiro Dr Ana Ferreiro, MD, PhD is the new ENMC Research Director as of January 1st 2019. We congratulate Ana on her new task within our organisation and look forward working with her. Dr Ana Ferreiro is Research Director at the INSERM “Basic and Translational Myology” laboratory Unité […]