Deadline submission ENMC workshop application March 1st!

March 1st is the deadline to submit an application of a regular or themed ENMC workshop. Start preparing your submission!

More information on how to apply:

Upcoming ENMC workshops – Q1 2024

We are proud to announce this year’s first confirmed workshops:

Workshop # 274          19-21 January 2024

ENMC recommendations for optimizing bone strength in neuromuscular disorders. Organisers:  Prof. L. Ward (Canada), Dr A. Moretti (Italy), Dr D. Weber (USA), Prof N. Voermans (NL)


Workshop # 275          9-11 February 2024

Seronegative Myasthenia Gravis (MG): an update paradigm for diagnosis and management. Organisers: Dr A. Evoli (Italy), Dr L. Maggi (Italy), Dr J. Palace (UK), Prof. J. Verschuuren (NL)


Workshop # 276          15-17 March 2024

ENMC recommendations on optimal diagnostic pathway and management strategy for patients with rhabdomyolysis worldwide. Organisers: Prof. P. Laforêt (France), Prof. J. Vissing (Denmark), Prof. N. Voermans (NL), Dr S. Bhai (USA)

WMS new Associate Partner of ENMC

We are proud to announce that the World Muscle Society became a new Associate Partner of the ENMC. Good to have more collaborations in the NMD field!

Partner Organisations – ENMC

Alexandra Breukel leaving ENMC

After 10 years of working with much pleasure and dedication as ENMC Managing Director (MD), it is time for a new adventure! I will be leaving the ENMC as of 1 October 2023 and take time off to find a new chapter in my career.

Herewith I would like to thank you all for a wonderful time working together to improve lives of people affected by a neuromuscular condition. The ENMC is very close to my heart, but it is in the good hands of the ENMC board, Ana Ferreiro, Patricia van Dongen and Wilma Hinloopen, who will be your contact persons (

All the best!

Alexandra Breukel



18 days to go for submitting your workshop application before September 1st!

As we are coming closer to the deadline, just a gentle reminder to submit your ENMC workshop application to before September 1st! If you need a pre-check by the ENMC office, please do not send your proposal later than 22 August 2023.

We are looking forward to your applications!

Before submitting, please check out our guidelines and application form here. 

Only 8 days to go to submit your mentee application! Deadline July 1st!

As we are coming closer to the deadline, just a gentle reminder to submit your mentee application for the ENMC Mid-Mentoring Programme to

We are looking forward to your applications.

Please, check out the guidelines and application form here

ENMC will be present at the 26th Congress of the DGM!

The 26th Congress of the Medical and Scientific Advisory Board of the German
Muscular Dystrophy Society will be held in Essen from 23 to 24 March 2023. This innovative, interdisciplinary and visionary congress will atract many participants!

Ofcourse ENMC will be present as well.

On March 24 we will host a booth at the Congress

On March 25 (Patient-participation day) we will host a booth especially for patients.





New article about 30 years of ENMC in the journal of NMD!

In celebration of ENMC’s 30th anniversary we’d like to share with you this article about our impact so far!

Over the last 30 years ENMC has:

  • Organized 270 workshops
  • Established a network of over 4500 participants from more than 65 countries and from 5 continents.
  • Published 270 lay reports on our website and over 220 full papers in neuromuscular disorders with a high average mean normalised citation score of 1,24.

ENMC supports the next generation of leaders in the neuromuscular field. Read the full article about our journey and future goals here.