Covid-19 and people with neuromuscular disorders

28 March 2020

The World Muscle Society Position and Advice for managing COVID-19 in people affected by neuromuscular conditions

Dr. Maxwell S. Damian, PhD, collated the WMS Covid-19 advice (28-03-2020) for neuromuscular patients, carers, general neurologists and non-specialist medical providers. This document is also intended to inform neuromuscular specialists particularly regarding frequently asked questions and basic service requirements.

The advice is endorsed by the Members of the Board of the WMS (, colleagues from the Editorial Board of Neuromuscular Disorders, the official journal of the WMS, EAN Scientific Panel Muscle & NMJ disorders, and the Executive Committee of the ERN EURO-NMD.


Arabic by Rasha el Sherif
Czech by Jana Haberlova
Dutch by Peter van den Bergh and Nathalie Goemans
French by Shahram Attarian
German by Benedikt Schoser
Hungarian by Rita Horvath
Italian by Antonio Toscano
Japanese by Tsuyoshi Matsumura
Polish by Anna Kostera-Pruszczyk
Portuguese by Teresina Evangelista
Portugese (Brazil) by Mariz Vainzof
Russian by Leyla Akhmedova
Spanish by Montse Olivé
Turkish by Haluk Topaloglu

ENMC bibliometric report published

The CWTS bibliometric report on ENMC workshop derived publications is now available.